Veterinary History

A Voice Deep Inside

Some call it intuition or gut feeling. I call it my “spidey senses” or my “higher self”. I’ve got a hunch; I’ve got a feeling… all those phrases we place on an internal trigger that’s hardwired in us. Primitive humans would use gut feeling as an additional tool to, say, escape being eaten by a …

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Circles and Cycles

Joni Mitchell’s influence I believe every woman should promise herself the gift of listening to Joni Mitchell’s Blue album before leaving this earth. Listen at night with the headphones of your choice and play as loud as you can comfortably stand it. Relaxing substances are optional. There was a lot of poignant music that defined …

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Hello world!

It can be tough keeping your nose above water in the world of veterinary medicine. Your life may be filled with juggling your studies and holding down a job. That’s a lot of juggling.  Or you may be working long hours that are emotionally and physically draining while raising a family. Now, that almost requires …

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