Sit Down Deep

Horse trainers today are kind of different than the ones I knew many years ago. It’s good that we know more now than we did back then about moving in harmony with a horse. As a new veterinary technician/nurse working in mixed animal practices, I got to know quite a few trainers – mostly men. …

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Head Down, Leaning In

My Nonny was an interesting woman. When I was younger, I couldn’t see how any of her DNA could have been in me. First of all, she was a beautiful seamstress. That says a lot right there. But what I think, is it might just take a while for those cells to start to percolate …

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The night our house burned down we had nothing left but the clothes we had on when we left the house earlier that evening. That devastating and life altering event happened a long time ago. But, I admit there are times I wonder what it might be like if it happened today. The first thing …

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