Head Down, Leaning In

My Nonny was an interesting woman. When I was younger, I couldn’t see how any of her DNA could have been in me. First of all, she was a beautiful seamstress. That says a lot right there. But what I think, is it might just take a while for those cells to start to percolate …

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I Was Thinking ‘Bout You and Me

These nights have been really warm. We’ve had long stretches of hot days and warm nights. The summer-like heat kicked in overnight. And, like the horses, it caught me off guard. I hadn’t quite shed my winter coat either. I was still in long underwear season. And, never mind our lilacs. Poor things, got froze …

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Sunday’s with the Crones

By and by we’ll put this whole thing behind us. We’ve already started. Each week that passes we culminate another milestone. A precedent set, a first, a record broken. Our mettle has been tested. For some it may seem premature, but there are permanent changes solidly being put in place. And the questions are now …

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