And the Light Came On

I was doing a task at home the other morning I’ve done more times than I can count, my fingers knowing their job well. Moving in synchrony, intertwining while unwrapping the IV line, they couldn’t be distracted. And, in spite of years of physical work creating large joints, they worked nimble and capable as my …

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The Day After

The day after Death comes to take a loved one away is marked like no other day on the calendar. This day after Death has visited brings a slow-motion rhythm of heavy-laden legs, heavy feet shuffling, heavy eyelids. Sit for a while, wander for a while. Have more water. Distract and repeat. That time before …

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Out of This and Into That

It’s Christmas, Dad. In four days, it’ll be two years since you left us. Mom left two days shy of five months before you. You felt you had no business still being here. You were clear on that. It is most certain you willed yourself to leave. It is possible for a human to die …

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