Underneath the Season of Easter

I thrive in the season of Easter. I can smell it coming in March but I sometimes get whiffs in February. It’s that familiar scent of damp earth. It’s a time when spring fairies come out and breathe the clean in my laundry whipping on the clothesline. The Spring line air smells different than the …

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The Day After

The day after Death comes to take a loved one away is marked like no other day on the calendar. This day after Death has visited brings a slow-motion rhythm of heavy-laden legs, heavy feet shuffling, heavy eyelids. Sit for a while, wander for a while. Have more water. Distract and repeat. That time before …

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Head Down, Leaning In

My Nonny was an interesting woman. When I was younger, I couldn’t see how any of her DNA could have been in me. First of all, she was a beautiful seamstress. That says a lot right there. But what I think, is it might just take a while for those cells to start to percolate …

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