I Was Thinking ‘Bout You and Me

These nights have been really warm. We’ve had long stretches of hot days and warm nights. The summer-like heat kicked in overnight. And, like the horses, it caught me off guard. I hadn’t quite shed my winter coat either. I was still in long underwear season. And, never mind our lilacs. Poor things, got froze out. By the time it got warm it was too late for them.

A similar year

This season is reminiscent of the year we got married. It was ground crunchy dry that year. I wanted to get married with wildflowers in my hair. Of course, I did. We were going to be married outside, on my Auntie’s farm. I had this picture in my head, you know. And now it was just a couple days before the wedding and I was looking for wildflowers. So caught up in work and the activities before the wedding, I never stopped to think how weirdly hot and dry the season had been.

Turns out, there wasn’t a wildflower blossom around. I found myself getting creative with sprigs of baby’s breath I bought from the local florist. The rest of our wedding day is a blur except for bits and pieces of newsreel flashes like this. But I don’t remember getting too fluffed up about the flowers.

Another time ago

At that time, I was working mostly large animal medicine at two different practices. I’m sure I was quite a sight on those farm calls. There was no air conditioning in that boat of a station wagon I was driving at the time. If I was making a farm call by myself, I’d show up on hot days in shorts, a tube top and my long hair wrapped up in a scarf. When I got to a farm I’d slip into my coveralls and boots and off to the barn I’d go. If those farmers talked about me after I left, I was oblivious to it all. Blind youth.

I tested the fortitude of my would-be husband before we got married. One time, when we were dating, I had him meet me at a farm on my way home from work. I was being sent out to castrate a large calf and needed a hand. No one at the farm was going to be home. They’d tie the calf up in the barn for me. I figured if he could hold the tail and watch me use the big Burdizzo on this calf he might be up to the task of putting up with someone like me.

Turn the page

We’re a lifetime later from farm calls in tube tops and shorts. And here we are, sitting on the deck, my husband and I, pondering the depth of the darkness connected to ‘ransomware’. This man of mine knows how mysterious subjects like this are to me. We dive into the ugly and fascinating parts of what humans are doing with life now. Of how we’re all choosing to do life while we make our way ‘home’. So different than when we wed. My knees reminding me we are a world away from making farm calls in an old, hot boat of a car.

Once again, he and I agree we’re fine being on this side of the fence. The view is different but not so bad.

Circles and cycles

A handful of years ago we had tornadic winds come through. Since then, we’ve watched how the woods has changed after that huge bluster. No one saw the funnel cloud but the destruction the bastard left behind was tell-tale.  We lost some beautiful trees. And walking deeper in the woods to investigate was too much for me. I cried.

One of the big trees in the back, along the woods near the house, was uprooted. The force of the wind picked her up, laid her on her side and left her feet in the air, bare. We couldn’t decide what to do. Should we clean and cut it all up? A year went by, then another. And another.

Taking a closer look

Tonight, sitting on the deck, we ponder that space again. The tree has been a shelter and a nesting place to many. And, everything around her has grown up lush. Those obnoxious vines that climb and kill were all over last year. I cut them down so everything could breathe. And, this year it has all filled in. The whole look back there is so different without her raw body exposed.

Here’s what it looks like. It looks like she’s making her way home too. And, she’s actually lovelier now than she was before.

The rain has finally started so it’s not quite like the year we were married. But then again, no year has been quite like that first year. How could it be?

Open up your eyes
See how life time flies
Open up and let the light back in

Open up your heart
Let the lovin’ start
Open up and let the light back in

I was thinking of you and me
Makin’ love beneath the tree
And now I wonder could it be….
Neil Young, I Was Thinking About You and Me