Hello world!

It can be tough keeping your nose above water in the world of veterinary medicine. Your life may be filled with juggling your studies and holding down a job. That’s a lot of juggling. 

Or you may be working long hours that are emotionally and physically draining while raising a family. Now, that almost requires super powers! 

Or, maybe you’re examining your career with the possibility of change. Is it filling your soul or sucking the life out of you? Why did you jump into this unique world of caring for those who don’t speak human? Your patients often tell you it hurts by biting or kicking!  A calling, you say. Ever since you were a child, you say. Is this career still filling your soul? Or, are you contemplating a change?

Whatever or wherever your frustrations or soul yearnings are, your voice is significant. And, you have the ability to change your story if change is what you seek. Your story is yours and yours alone. 

It’s what’s on the inside that counts

You may feel tentative about your path, unsure of which direction to go. You’re not alone! There’s a saying: “In order to be old and wise, you must first be young and stupid.” The only caveat to that saying is that it’s very possible to be old and stupid. And, you can have a sense of wisdom when you’re young! You just don’t always realize how to tap into your awareness. It helps to have support. It helps to know others have your back. It helps to have a variety of viewpoints. 

So, here’s a truth to keep in mind. There were those that walked the road before you—generations before you with the same or similar goals that you have. And each step they walked, each hurdle they jumped, they jumped for you. They just didn’t know it. You are jumping and running for those who will come after you too. 

Shadows of footprints ahead of you

Honestly, does any generation realize that they’re breaking new barriers and paving the path for those coming after them? Oftentimes, it’s after we’ve traveled through chapters of life, taking the time to reflect, that brings us to a place of looking back. Sometimes, only then can we see where we’ve come from. And it all happens in a blink of an eye!

Let’s start a conversation, you and I, and extend the invitation to those on their quest, too. It’s all just one big adventure, you know. Your chapters, like mine, are filled with TEACHERS and INSPIRATIONS and, yes, times of falling down hard! But, I’m hesitant to call those failures because they may have led to a path you were really supposed to be on. 

Let’s go together

This blog creates a space for possibilities—a place for me to walk with you. These conversations are meant to be heart to heart, aimed to be sprinkled with the kind of love you might find from your Gram who wants nothing more than to give you pause, contemplation and courage when thinking of your aspirations and anxieties. Now, how good does that sound? 

And, just like that we have a beginning!